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Mention Pandora a lot of friends will think of Pandora's box Pandora's fairy tales but do you know the Pandora jewelry? Yes Pandora jewelry is with the aid of Pandora and successful promotion. On the one hand the female friends to act the role ofing is tasted natural affection; On the other hand DORA for human hope Pandora jewelry has the significance. Pandora jewelry is good opportunity for you to design your own combination express your personal style and image. Pandora's idea is that you can choose from more than 100 different Pandora beads necklaces and bracelets. This one of hope and opportunity is according to the inspiration behind Pandora jewelry design. Random also means that you can create a bracelet or necklace reflect everything to you and show your personality. And Pandora jewelry wholesale Pandora beads) provides unique jewelry class amazing low price for consumers and has special significance. First buy Pandora bracelet (Pandora bracelet charms) different Pandora beads. Therefore the expression "Pandora's box" and the name of the bracelet with many opportunities Pandora jewelry and now to a jeweler. Moreover beads is free to move and rotate the wrist slightly 'attract eyeball movement pandora travel charms, creating a striking effect. Let your personal choice from more than 350 different beads necklaces and bracelets. Using bead bracelet or necklace has a variety of precious metal and length. Pandora bead bracelet with a buy is in memory of the bracelet on special occasions such as evolution it evokes a sentimental records of your life not the same as Pandora jewelry on behalf of different psychological feelings it is also very good reflect the Pandora jeweler's original intention world full of opportunity and hope.

DORA (Pandora Greek: ?? alpha argument the delta? Rho alpha; also translation Pandora) is god in Greek mythology the was made of clay or Zeus the first woman on the ground as a punishment for Prometheus stealing fire gave humans the first woman. Also joined the gods to make her more attractive charm. Pandora's myth goes back to ancient times in different versions and interpretations from different angles. However in all the literature version this myth as a natural theology in order to explain the existence of evil in the world. In short Pandora is a beauty full of temptation and full of mysterious charm. In ancient Greek pan is all meaning DORA is a gift is the will of the gods by Zeus made with wisdom and beautiful appearance of the perfect woman. Now (charmilia Pandora beads) used to it with no more things. Later with jewelry Pandora has become a kind of mysterious the floorboard of the unique charm of jewelry. In general Pandora jewelry is mainly refers to with the big hole beads chain accessories made of very thick more individual character the feeling of primitive with national style. Pandora beads are handmade fine sterling 925 silver beads with sterling silver tube combination and become synthesis of Pandora beads. It light and shadow effect is very good thickness and color of the refraction of light from different angles can present a stereo vision effect; Give a person a kind of quiet peaceful inner feelings; Appreciate coloured glaze "breathing" from natural beauty. Present a clear transparent textures different color combination of coloured glaze work through the flow of color convey the language of the creator.

Pandora jewelry is very popular in recent years act the role of article familiar with earrings necklaces rings and bracelets and other types Pandora jewelry is what kind of charm can make it so the favor? In 1982 when the Danish Pandora jewelry company was founded. Early the company only production bracelet rings earrings and necklaces pandora travel charms, etc. however with the development of The Times people demand for jewellery to grow to act the role ofing is tasted varieties also more to high demand also especially is in the United States Australia and Germany these markets. As early as the early Pandora jewelry will show the unique charm. Such as bracelets or necklaces appeared the rage of seamless track bracelets and necklaces. And its subtlety in bracelet clasp Pandora beads Pandora bracelet charms) appears as a simple closed. And then there is to belong to the company's patent "thread of bead bracelet". It creates a natural uniform accessories era influences people's perception for jewelry. There is also a popular Pandora charm is holiday Pandora charm is also very popular now. Eight now available for purchase but released new charm at least twice a year. These make the perfect gift charm especially to celebrate a special occasion or seasonal festivals. If you thing you own celebrations in search of spices of course you can always buy one for yourself. They don't usually more expensive beads so you don't have to spending money pandora charms, oneself into a new Pandora charm a lot. Attractive glamour of Pandora jewelry more than described above that simple believe that when you see the Pandora jewelry you will like it because it is like a Pandora's box (Pandora charms) full of "fatal" appeal.

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