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The setting was rather telling of what was to unfold. There in the tent of the Louvre were souvenirs of collections past.In his spring 2014 collection for Louis Vuitton — what ultimately became his final show for the French house — Marc Jacobs created a set that combined elements from his past shows. There on the runway was a fountain a carousel old-fashioned elevators a hallway of hotel room doors and a set of escalators. These elements created the mise en scene for the designer's final bow at Louis Vuitton after sixteen years.During his tenure at the French house — a house only previously known for their luggage and trunks — he made Louis Vuitton a hot name in fashion. He made it one of the most desirable brands in the world.He helped spark the trend for logomania splashing the LV monogram and flowers on everything from bags to scarves to fur. He spearheaded the melding of the worlds of art and fashion via collaborations with artists like Stephen Sprouse Takashi Murakami and Richard Prince. Season after season he created bags that were lusted after as soon as they hit the runway. He recreated the LV monogram in all sorts of materials and shapes.

This week discount louis vuitton, Letter From London comes to you from Paris which is of course umbilically connected to London by the Eurostar so we have decided that makes it okay for this column.Since reporting from London Fashion Week there's been snow down my back and in my shoes from the scrum outside Dolce & Gabbana in Milan. And now Paris is done. After a grueling month of living out of a suitcase the fashion pack checked into its final destination and what a swanky one: Hotel Louis Vuitton.Luxury travel has always been a part of Louis Vuitton's DNA and this season discount louis vuitton, Marc Jacobs the brand's creative director transformed the catwalk into the wallpapered corridor of a Hollywood hotel. Numbered doors swung open one by one to the haunting strains of Alexandre Desplat's Tree of Life soundtrack and a troupe of glamorous vamps emerged revealing behind them louis vuitton outlet, vintage LV trunks and video projections of boudoir interiors.

Aware of the negative effects of excessive popularization gucci and Louis vuitton are now reshaping the high-end image of the brand. In the first half of this year to open cloud says it will stop the gucci store expansion in China. Duplaix at a recent conference call told foreign media reporter at the same time the brand also in the higher-end market positioning. Smart Bernard last year was aware of the problems with the Louis vuitton trying to regain its lost honor. Earlier this year began a series of measures to restore the Louis vuitton: upgrade product line suspend expansion "to the LOGO" in the Chinese market in the Japanese market prices and so on.

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